Samsung Gear 360

Watch NYT’s immersive stories on Samsung Gear VR


Immersive stories on the refugee crisis and Nasa’s New Horizons Spacecraft are a taster of the types of video you can expect to find on the app. And, you’ll be able to catch the daily panoramic vids from reporters armed with Samsung’s Gear 360 camera. The app’s library is also set to expand this year, with the addition of four feature films.

The NYT VR app has thus far nabbed 1.2 million downloads. It now faces some competition as more media broadcasters experiment with the format. Since 2016, the likes of ABC, USA Today, and HuffPost (which, like us, is owned by Verizon) have all dabbled in VR. Aside from the Oculus Store, you can find the NYT VR app on Google Play for Android and Daydream, and in the iOS App Store.


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