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Samsung’s Gear Fit Pro Shows Up At The FCC


Samsung’s Gear Fit Pro has shown up at the FCC recently for approval, which may suggest that Samsung will be launching, or at least announcing the device sometime in the near future. That said, it can’t be ruled out that Samsung may not unveil this device until its next Unpacked event, which is likely to be happening at the same time it announces the Galaxy Note 8. Rumors point to the Galaxy Note 8 coming up in the next couple of months though, so if the Gear Fit Pro is announced at the same time, a couple of months really isn’t that far away.

The FCC documentation doesn’t reveal a ton of information about the device, but it does list that Bluetooth 4.2 is the version of Bluetooth that is being used for the connection to smartphones. The documents also show a picture of the underside of the tracker, sans wristband, where you can see the Samsung brand name as well as the model number which is listed as SM-R365. This is similar to the model number of the Gear Fit2 which was SM-R360, and it certainly looks like a new Gear Fit wearable, complete with a heart rate sensor and all. That being said the diagram only shows the underside and the location of the FCC label, so it’s not really an accurate depiction of how the final design will appear.

Whether or not this is actually the Gear Fit Pro is unclear, but there hasn’t been much if any information regarding another new Gear Fit device, so the Gear Fit Pro seems like the most likely option. Samsung filed for the Gear Fit Pro trademark all the way back in the beginning of 2017 towards the end of January, which is another piece of information that points to this document being about that particular tracker. A more recent report pointed to the possibility of the Gear Fit Pro being announced back in the middle of May. That didn’t happen, so it seems that Samsung was still working on development for this device, but now with the FCC approval out of the way there may not be much left to do leading up to an announcement.


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