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Samsung unveils new accessories for Galaxy Note 8


Now that the phablet is out of the bag, we can expect a whole slew of accessories to come out for the Galaxy Note 8. But of course the original ones from the Korean OEM are the first ones that they’re announcing. They have cases, shells, keyboard sleeves, a docking station, and even a new Gear VR with Controller. The accessories that you’re using for your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+, if you have either, may also work with the new device if you plan on getting it next month when it will be available.

Aside from the updated line of various cases, shells, fabric and leather folios, plastic and silicone sleeves, kickstands, and all the smaller accessories that you usually buy when you have a new device, you also get some bigger stuff for your new toy. For example, you get the Samsung DeX Docking Station, which came out when the Galaxy S8 flagships were released, but now the one specifically released for the Galaxy Note 8 have some new software. The accessory still turns your Note 8 into a PC replacement when you drop it into the dock and attach an HDMI monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. But now you get a redesigned app launcher, support for more external devices, enterprise video conferencing, among other things.

The QWERTY case is also available for the Galaxy Note 8, in case you still prefer a physical keyboard when using your phablet. It clips on to your device and each of the hardware buttons will push onto the touchscreen. It looks weird (and very Blackberry) but hey, some like it. There is also a new Gear VR with Controller for the Note 8, as it has a bigger space to accommodate the slightly bigger smartphone. The wireless controller has a sub-20ms sensor latency. This new Gear VR can work with the other Galaxy devices, but the previous VR headset can’t fit the Note 8.

If you will pre-order the Galaxy Note 8, you may get some bundled accessories with it too. For example, those ordering between August 24 and September will get either a Gear 360 camera, a 128GB microSD, or a wireless charging pad bundle. No prices yet for the accessories discussed above, except for the new Gear VR which is priced at $129.99.

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