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Samsung To Challenge Apple’s Wireless AirPods With Bluetooth Noise-Canceling Buds For Galaxy Note 8


Seven months after their initial release, Apple’s AirPods are still not the type of earphones you can walk into a store and find. They are known as the best wireless earbuds on the market. They are so good that Rolling Stone described the AirPods as “pretty f***ing cool.”

“And while $159 is still a pretty penny to spend on far less than audiophile-grade headphones, it’s a bargain for the experience of walking around, totally wire-free, with a personal soundtrack pumped directly into your brain. In a nutshell: pretty fu***cool.”

The review adds that connecting these buds is far easier than connecting other Bluetooth products. Forbes also liked the AirPods and says they are made of pure magic. One of the only things buyers of the Apple’s buds complained about was the fact that there was no noise cancellation or at least noise isolation.

It looks like Samsung is looking to pick up the slack where Apple left off. According to The Verge, Samsung is likely making AirPod-like earbuds that will launch alongside the Galaxy Note 8 next month. These buds will allegedly feature noise-canceling technology as well as outstanding sound. It’s not clear whether Samsung’s wireless buds will come with the Galaxy Note 8 or not.

Samsung will challenge Apple's AirPods
Apple’s AirPods are still hard to find. [Image by Daryl Deino]

Samsung’s new wireless earbuds will be enabled for their new assistant Bixby, who many complain is awful. Still, it’s the sound of the earbuds that will matter the most, and the prospect of these earbuds is causing a lot of excitement.

It’s going to be a busy next couple months for Samsung, who has high hopes with the Galaxy Note 8 launch in August. According to Tom’s Guide, Samsung’s large device will be worth the wait. It will likely have a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED screen that could have a 4K resolution, which would be great for using it in the Gear VR. However, a 4K screen could also eat up a lot of battery life.


The Note 8 will likely also have a whopping 6GB of RAM, a dual 13MP camera with 3X optical zoom, and an advanced Snapdragon processor. It will look very much like the Samsung Galaxy S8+, which isn’t a bad thing according to most.

If Samsung decides to include their new wireless earbuds with the Note 8, they’ll clearly differentiate themselves from Apple, who charges customers an extra $160 for theirs. Then again, Samsung needs a lot more than earbuds to make people trust the Galaxy Note 8.

Galaxy Note 7 hurt Samsung's reputation
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was a PR disaster.
[Image by Daryl Deino]

In August of last year, Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7, which became known as the “Galaxy Nuke 7” to many since it blew up in people’s faces. It was recalled twice and turned Samsung into an international laughing stock. The Korean company has recovered a little bit with the highly acclaimed Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones, although those haven’t exactly been huge hits in terms of sales.

Do you think Samsung can hit the levels of success the company enjoyed before the whole Note 7 fiasco? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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