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Samsung giving Galaxy S9 buyers the chance to purchase a heavily discounted accessory bundle

In addition to being available on all of the major carriers, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are being sold by Samsung itself. These models are unlocked, and for a limited time, people who buy one can get a nice deal on an accessory bundle for their new device.

Samsung is now offering Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ buyers the chance to buy a discounted accessory bundle to go with their new phone. There are two options available: the Power Upgrade Bundle and the S9 Ultimate Bundle.

The Power Upgrade Bundle includes a wireless charger, a battery pack, and a car charger, all for $49. This bundle is valued at $170. Meanwhile, the S9 Ultimate Bundle includes a wireless charging stand, IconX wireless earbuds, and a Gear VR virtual reality headset, all for $99. This bundle is valued at $400.

This offer will be available until April 6. Both bundles look like nice ways to trick out your new Galaxy S9 or S9+, letting you ensure that your phone’s battery is always topped up or keeping you entertained at all times. The S9 Ultimate Bundle looks like an especially nice deal, getting you three accessories for one-quarter their normal price.

Does Samsung’s offer have you thinking about buying a Galaxy S9 or S9+? If you were buying an S9 from Samsung, which bundle would you choose?

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