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New Fitness Watch: Points about Samsung Gear Sport in Surprise Leak


New Fitness Watch: Points about Samsung Gear Sport in Surprise Leak

There is a lot buzz about the upcoming android ‘wrist device’ from Samsung. So before any consumer electronic goes to the market, it has to go through some serious checking by the Federal Communications Commission or the FCC. So, as per the latest leaks, here is what you can look forward to with the latest ‘wrist device’ from Samsung.

It’s almost here:

Before any electronic product goes on sale, it must be approved by The FCC. The moment something gets filed with The FCC, the chances of its details getting leaked increases. So keeping in view the leaks about the ‘wrist device’ from Samsung, the new device is just on the brink of getting launched.

It’s called Samsung Gear Sport:

The latest ‘wrist device’ will be called Samsung Gear Sport. It was earlier reported that the name of the device might be Samsung Gear Pop. The name became clear as it was printed on the image published by the FCC. The watch looks very much similar to the earlier launched Samsung Gear S3 Classic and S3 Frontier smart watches.

May be announced in August:

Samsung is preparing for a mega event on August 23 in New York City. Reports suggest that the event will focus on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 but many believe that Samsung Gear Sport’s launch will also be a significant part of the event.

It’s a Fit‘smartwatch’:

Going by the latest leaks, The FCC has filed for a wrist device and a conventional smartwatch. So many people believe that the watch could be a fitness tracker too. Another thing about this watch is that it may not run on Android. Samsung for long has been using the Galaxy for smartphones but when it comes to Gear, the company uses its own developed operating system Tizen.

Great Battery Life:

The new Samsung Gear Sport is expected to have great battery life. There will be a charging of 1.7 days between charges and if the display does not come on, your battery will run for 3-4 days.

More sports-focused:

Samsung has made the watch more sports and fitness friendly. The new device now focuses comprehensively on fitness tracking and wellness features.

Flooded Market:

With the similar type of devices in the market, it is sure to get flooded. Apple Watch is there and so is Fitbit, with the Samsung Gear Sport, the market will get flooded and consumers will have loads of options.


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