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Named “best smartphone of our time”


Назван «лучший смартфон современности»

There are dozens of companies involved in the production of smartphones. Each of them tends to make your own phone is better than the competition, but manages only a few. The reasons for that weight, but the main is the lack of experience and funds necessary to create a truly advanced phone.

Today, March 2, was named “best smartphone of our time,” which is worth buying to anyone who wants to use the most technologically advanced mobile device. This impressive title was awarded to the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S9+, the evaluation GLOMO Awards. This mobile device was immediately awarded in 30 categories, including design, specifications, graphics, software features, wireless charging, advanced camera features, performance and even battery life. All this has pleased the experts, to evaluate the phone.Назван «лучший смартфон современности»In addition to the flagship Samsung Galaxy S9+, the highest ratings GLOMO Awards won and many other products of the South Korean Corporation. For example, experts awarded several awards brand the payment system, Samsung Pay, the virtual reality helmet Gear VR is the latest generation docking station DeX for turning your phone into the computer, as well as a couple other devices. Manual Samsung Mobile should be definitely fairly such results of the test.Назван «лучший смартфон современности»Samsung Galaxy S9+ haven’t even had time to go on sale, as many authoritative sources have already declared it the best. Experts from DisplayMate claim that is installed in your mobile device Super AMOLED-matrix is the best in the world among all phones. Experts from DxOMark made it clear that this phone has the coolest camera of all mobile devices known and tested at the beginning of March.Назван «лучший смартфон современности»Sales of the smartphone Galaxy S9+, as well as the classical model, devoid of dual camera, start very soon. Buy a new product customers will be able in two versions, the base of which has 64 GB of memory, and advanced – 256 GB.

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