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Instagram 360: Share your moments immersively


With simple tools, users will be able to share moments in 360. Simply use the Instagram Multiple Photos feature. The post will be shown as a carousel post that friends and followers can swipe along to explore the journey.

To start with, create a 360 content first. If you’ve got a 360 camera device like Ricoh Theta S, Samsung Gear 360 or Insta360, simply shoot with it! But if you don’t have a device, there are still plenty of apps you can use to create a 360 post.

Fully compatible camera app to take 360 mini video

1. Spincle

Spincle is a playful camera app that you can spin around to take a 360 photo. The most interesting thing in this app is that besides taking a still 360 photo, you can also turn certain aspect of a scene into a mini video. It’s a 360 video with an interesting focus. The app supports multiple animations in 360, making the content full of fun. When you’re done capturing a 360 photo or video, you can share your content to your Instagram feed as a carousel post. It instantly brings you a unique 360 experience with instagrammable magic.

Download Spincle for Free (iOS):

Partial compatible camera apps to take 360-photo

2. Cardboard Camera

Another tool is Cardboard Camera which is a handy panorama camera. Simply spin around to record a 360 panorama. It’s fast and simple. The only drawback is it doesn’t support direct Instagram sharing. You have to save the photos in your smartphone album and use a third-party scissor app for sharing.

Download Cardboard Camera for Free (Android):

3. Built-in panorama mode on smartphones

Of course, you can always shoot a panorama with your built-in pano mode in your smartphone. It may not be a true 360-photo as it’s usually not a head-to-tail loop. However, you’ll still have an immersive feeling when looking at the post. For iOS pano mode, you can shoot a panorama up to 240-degrees.

Scissor Apps to share 360 photo to Instagram

Now that you have a 360 photo or panorama, it’s time to share it with your followers. For the photo shot with 360 devices or apps, you may cut the image with scissor apps first. These scissor apps will help you divide your photo into square pieces and let you share with Multiple Photos feature, making your 360 post swipeable on Instagram.

4. Swipeable

Swipeable is an intuitive scissor app that widely supports different formats of photosphere and 360 panorama. Just pick up a panorama and the app does the rest. You can share up to 10 square pictures for a fully immersive experience. There’s a little secret in this app: Before you share, you can tap “swipeable” text to choose your text options or remove it for free.

Download Swipeable for Free (iOS):

5. Panols

Panols allows you to share panorama shots on Instagram by splitting a photo into 3 squares. Like Swipeable, you can easily turn your Instagram profile into a stunning 360 album.

Download Panols for $1.99 (iOS):

We’re inspired by the visual stories you tell on Instagram. With these creative and simple tools, you can feel like being in the moment again and experience things from different angles. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create next.

To learn more about Instagram 360 post, check out Help Centre.

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