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How To Use WhatsApp in VR


Are you super excited about Virtual Reality headsets and the endless possibilities they offer? So are we! Playing games or watching movies on your favorite VR headsets is just the beginning.

When people started complaining that they are unable to read messages and the annoying notifications often hinder their VR experience, third-part developers started building solutions to bring your favorite apps onboard. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps with over a billion active users worldwide.

Before you get to make WhatsApp work in VR, know that each virtual reality headset is different from one another and there are multiple steps that you should meticulously follow to get it running.

Guide to Using WhatsApp in Samsung Gear VR

WhatsApp is a mobile app and you would obviously want to start by using a VR headset that’s designed exclusively for smartphones. Samsung Gear VR is an exciting piece of hardware made by the most reputed brand in the world.

The app called Samsung Phonecast VR Beta is the answer to what you were looking for. When you download the app to a compatible phone and connect it with the Gear VR, it’s easy to cast all apps to the virtual reality headset. Be it WhatsApp, YouTube or Facebook, you can browse through them all while still wearing the headset.

As the name suggests, the Phonecast VR is still in its beta and you may occasionally come across some bugs. The app has an intuitive UI using which you can open any app from your smartphone, adjust screen brightness and check battery levels.

Own an Oculus Rift? Here’s Your Handy Guide

Oculus Rift is an amazing and high-tech piece of VR hardware which works only when paired with a powerful gaming computer. For those of you who are fortunate enough to have an immersive setup, here’s a shortcut to using WhatsApp on your big headset.

When using Oculus Rift, use your browser to head to The website is meticulously designed to allow users to view any app or website comfortably in a VR environment. You can open within this website and it will automatically be scaled to fit your large virtual reality screen for an immersive messaging experience.

An alternative solution is the OVRdrop which is a free and opensource mod tool available online. As it requires minimal technical tweaking, Hellov is a seamless and easy to use solution for the average users.

WhatsApp May Officially Support VR Real Soon

Virtual Reality is an expensive hobby at the moment. While Oculus Rift, PSVR and Samsung Gear VR are so popular, they are still expensive and require a huge investment to make a bunch of apps work. According to the latest updates, Oculus Go and a new VR headset by Xiaomi priced at just $199 is heading to the stores in 2018.

By significantly reducing the pricing of these virtual reality headsets, the manufacturers expect majority of the population to adopt VR technology in the near future. The upcoming Oculus Go and Xiaomi VR will also be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor making them standalone headsets without having to rely on a different device all the time.

When VR is widely adopted by users, WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat among other major app developers will be convinced to create apps that are natively compatible with virtual reality. You should be able to experience an immersive, out of the box experience real soon when WhatsApp developers release an official update for VR. You can always find alternative solutions with a few tweaks here and there until then!

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