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Galaxy Studios let anyone play with Samsung gadgets


Samsung is increasingly rolling out a series of experience ‘stores’ it calls Galaxy Studios, making it easy for consumers to play with Samsung gadgets in a way that isn’t necessarily possible at ordinary retail stores. Visitors can, for example, put on a Gear VR headset to experience the company’s virtual reality technology; they can also record with the maker’s Gear 360 camera, or play with the latest flagship smartphones.

A Galaxy Studio is basically a fancy store in which people can experience Samsung’s products before buying. If you’re on the fence about purchasing a Galaxy S8, for example, a Galaxy Studio will allow you to play with one of the phones as much as you need to in order to determine whether it’s the right phone for you. The same goes for the other gadgets, such as the virtual reality technology.

Samsung explains that, for example, visitors can play a VR game with its virtual reality offerings, getting a real-world taste of what the Gear VR and a Samsung phone can offer in your own home. If you’ve never recorded with a 360-degree camera before, the Galaxy Studios also let you do this with the Korean company’s Gear 360 cameras.

In addition to playing with the gadgets, the Galaxy Studios also have some gimmicks to hook visitors attention, one of the most popular being the ‘Liquid Canvas’ experience. This recreates someone’s selfies underwater using dye, oils or ink, something designed to demonstrate the S8’s water resistance. The studios also feature things like interactive smart tables, cylindrical rooms for 360-degree experiences, fitness stations for playing games, and more.

Samsung has been introducing its Galaxy Studios in big places around the globe, such as Stockholm Central Station, Chicago’s Navy Pier, the Excelsior Plaza in Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Locations change over time, though, so be sure you know the dates for the one nearest you before heading out.

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