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Discovery and Google Announce VR Travel Series ‘Discovery TRVLR’, First of 38 Episodes to Arrive in November – Road to VR


Discovery and Google today announced the launch of a new 38-episode VR video series called Discovery TRVLR, a product of both Discovery and Google’s internal VR teams. The first 6 episodes is slated to launch on Friday, November 3.

Discovery TRVLR comes exclusively to YouTube and, and on the Discovery VR app. This means you can watch on Google Daydream View and Cardboard, and with a little extra creativity, on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with Opera’s new experimental browser and Gear VR through Samsung Internet.

According to the press release, the VR video series drops you “into the lives of fascinating locals in every corner of the globe across all seven continents, [e]xploring unique cultures through a visceral 360-degree storytelling experience.”


There are seven chapters in the Discovery TRVLR series, each exploring a different continent. Episodes are centered around fascinating locals including the Guru, the Renegade, the Entertainer and the Explorer, who will share the unique rituals, traditions and quests that encompass their culture.

Chapters for North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia consist of six episodes each, while the chapter for Antarctica features two episodes, for a total of 38 episodes in the series.

Saschka Unseld, Emmy Award-winner and creative director at the now defunct Oculus Story Studio, is Creative Producer for the series. Episodes filmed in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe were written and directed by Addison O’Dea and produced by cinematic VR studio Here Be Dragons. Episodes filmed in Antarctica were directed by Barry Pousman and produced by Yes Please Thank You.


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