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Samsung may be the biggest Android OEM in the world but this does not chain them to Google’s system at all. Samsung showed signs of independence when they developed some Microsoft-powered devices and today, Samsung did one more in preventing the Galaxy S8 from supporting Google DayDream.

For a phone that is fine-tuned for the best performance and feature, the absence of DayDream VR left us shock but it seems that Samsung has got a good explanation for it. The answer to DayDream’s absence is Samsung’s Gear VR.

The virtual reality headset from Samsung is being promoted heavily thus giving it a greater ecosystem and more apps to toy with. DayDream is fresher in the market but not many smartphones can operate seamlessly on it.

The main point of it all is that the Gear VR is the direct rival to Google DayDream and this is obviously why Samsung has decided not to allow DayDream VR to operate on the Galaxy S8. Is this a wise move from Samsung?



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