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DecayMag Podcast S5 EP5: Brent Ryan Green, Peter Mckeirnon


3. Featured Topic: NextVR Paranormal Evidence (42:53)

We’ve covered many topics in horror and recently we covered VR content and the platform itself in DecayMag S4 EP12 content contributor Ali vela and I discussed our coverage on The Art of VR, a two-day event held at Sotheby’s in NYC.

Here we reviewed Horror, Fantasy, and genre hybrids

In our feature topic, I’m presenting the next content for VR. Paranormal Evidence bridges the gap between VR and paranormal investigation. As we all know ghost hunting is a popular subject and one that Decaymag has covered

In DecayMag S4, Ep13 we interviewed Jason of Paranormal Den

In DecayMag S4 EP6 we interviewed Christopher Saint Boothe

Paranormal Evidence will release on the Samsung GearVR headset or Google Daydream View for smartphones, audiences can download the NextVR app which is free from the Oculus Store for GearVR or the Google Play Store for Daydream users.

“We are creating original content for VR fans that significantly extends the entertainment portfolio at NextVR…”
“’Paranormal Evidence’ is at once an adventure through dark and creepy spaces and a thought-provoking exploration of the paranormal.”

David Cole, NextVR CEO

Here’s an excerpt from the official press release

A team of investigators, led by Jack Kassewitz who has years of investigative journalism and linguistics experience, selected Pennhurst Asylum for the premiere of “Paranormal Evidence” with one goal: to capture evidence of what many have claimed is lurking in the dark. Known as one of the most haunted locations in North America, Pennhurst opened in 1908 to care for children with severe mental and physical disabilities. In the decades to follow, the isolated facility also housed society’s outcasts and criminals, became dangerously overcrowded, underfunded, and under staffed. After nearly a century of controversy and accusations of abuse and neglect, the institution was finally closed. Unexplained occurrences have been reported for years, including strange voices, slamming doors, shadowy figures, and visitors grabbed by unseen hands.

“When you put on the VR headset, you enter Pennhurst Asylum with our team during the witching hour….”
“You become part of the investigation. It’s an experience perfectly suited for VR.”

David Cole, NextVR CEO

The Paranormal Evidence trailer will be available in the NextVR app on July 28 and fans can experience the full episode on August 1.

Go to for additional details and click here to learn how to get started in VR. Paranormal Evidence Twitter on Facebook.



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